Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sunday in Coleraine Part II

My walk along the Bann continues. Forgive the quality of the photos.

Here is the Bann facing south from near the waterside. In the distance is the "new bridge", or Sandleford bridge to give it its proper name. That's where I'm heading.

Here I'm just under the new bridge, but facing away from it.

If I turn around I can see the 1970s era bridge.

The path continues right underneath so lets take a look. You can tell it's January. Look how low the sun must be in the early afternoon to make a shadow like that. check out the graffiti on the right, and then check out the painted over graffiti on the left. Someone went over there to paint it out? It must have been bad!

Continuing along the path revealed this seat that I didn't recall seeing before. Would you sit on it? I passed.

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